Born and brewed in Southern California since 1963, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® continues its milestone 50th anniversary celebration by exploring inventive new ways to enjoy a cup of tea. Pioneering the Chai Tea Latte craze in 1998, the company is once again brewing new tea culture with the debut of its Tea Cappuccinos this Spring—debuting in stores Thursday, March 4, 2013, available in Chai, Scottish Breakfast, and the 50th Anniversary Blend flavors.

A combination of freshly brewed tea, whole milk foam, and vanilla bean sauce, the innovative drink is a lighter option with a bolder flavor compared to tea lattes. “To keep the brand relevant and cutting-edge, and still very much part of popular culture, we came up with a product that has yet to be mastered,” says President Mel Elias. “The Tea Cappuccinos blend innovation and forward-thinking with our core heritage.”

Iced tea lovers can also sip on a selection of new Sweet Teas infused with Dark Agave Nectar or Blood Orange Sauce. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® will also introduce the Caramel Espresso Con Panna, a beautifully layered drink made with two fresh hand-pulled shots of espresso over a decadent layer of caramel and topped with whipped cream.

Coffee Beach Tea Cappucinos

On Thursday, March 7, 2013 from 2 – 6 p.m., The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® hosts its seasonal Open House event where new tea beverages (12 oz.) will be available for only $1 (valid at participating stores across California and Arizona), flavors include:

§  Chai Tea Cappuccino

§  Scottish Breakfast Tea Cappuccino

§  Anniversary Blend Tea Cappuccino

§  Agave Nectar Sweet Tea

§  Blood Orange Sweet Tea

Tea Focus

Sourced from private family-owned tea estates in Sri Lanka, China, Japan, India, and Thailand, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® utilizes only the finest whole leaf tea available. Director of Tea, David DeCandia, regularly travels to meet with tea estate owners to ensure top quality tea standards and practices. “From seed to cup, the perfect cup of tea begins at the root by sourcing the best product directly from the growers,” says DeCandia. “We use tea leaves plucked within the first four hours of the day, during the morning dew, when the natural sweetness in tea is enhanced.”

Pioneering the tea trend, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® recently launched its first Tea Bar concept in Manhattan Beach alongside Table Tea Service at 11 select Southern California locations which includes a pot of loose leaf tea—highlighting the company’s unique collection of hand-plucked, premium whole leaf teas which are harvested from the world’s most exclusive tea estates—alongside a selection of local artisan pastries for $5.95.

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