When your feet are tired from walking around an amusement park all day, it is nice to be able to sit down and relax while enjoying a nice meal at a full service restaurant. Spur’s chophouse offers 2 dining options. A buffet that I learned is only open in the summer, or patio dining with a view.  We dined on the patio and the tables were nicely covered with white table clothes and set with glasses. They have a small menu offering mostly appetizers and desserts. I was with my family that day so we ordered a variety of items.

I had the pulled pork sliders that were with topped with creamy coleslaw. They came on little brioche buns and a side of tangy barbecue sauce.

My husband  had the Ahi tuna. It was the perfect portion size and the he really enjoyed the texture of the crackers it was paired with.

My oldest son had the Quesadilla sliders. These were not your typical Quesadillas. They were deep fried with chicken, cheese and then served with Pico de Gallo, fire roasted salsa and sour cream.

 And my youngest son had the chicken tenders. These were plentiful and there was enough to share with everyone.

While eating our lunch we had a nice view of ghost town and were able to watch all the riders coming off of Ghost Rider. It was fun to watch everyone’s expressions.

Of course we couldn’t resist dessert so we ordered a slice of chocolate cake and a slice of carrot cake. Both were delicious and really hit the spot.

So next time you visit Knott’s Berry Farm be sure to check out Spurs chop house for some small bites and drinks.

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