“Absolute contentment” was my primary thought as I took my third bite of “The Haven Burger” I had just ordered. Unbeknownst to me, all sorts of burger juices were dripping down my fingers and chin, but as you could guess, I really didn’t care.  What I was presently eating was really just that good, and for good reason.  “The Haven Burger” truly is a microcosm of what “good stuff” is made of.

There are several things that would explain this:  the ingredients, attention to detail, the “love”, but probably all three.  In one bite, the flavor profile can throw you for a loop with the sourness of the pickled red onions coupled with the sweetness of the roasted red peppers.  This is not your ordinary burger.  But as you start to chew, you will slowly start to understand where you’re headed when you get a hint of the delicious, easy to love, St. Agur’s blue cheese coming through, which is capped off with a tinge of the bitter, almost “spicy” tasting arugula garnish.  And when you combine this all with a handformed, perfectly seasoned patty cooked to order?  Yes, it’s gourmet, but it’s not your average run-of-the-mill $12 burger.  I truly believe that every gourmet burger is unique, and “The Haven Burger” at Haven Gastropub is definitely one of those “must eat” items you can and should put on your “to-do” list — that is, if you’re not already eating it a few times a month, just to remind yourself of how good it is.  Shame on me for letting too many months slide by.

And speaking of, Haven Gastropub has been quite the restaurant media mogul as of late, as just this past Monday, they were featured on KABC for their inspiring generosity shown through their event “Haven4Japan“, a fundraiser held for Japan relief which took place that same day.  And given the fact that Haven spearheaded a similar humanitarian effort by raising nearly $11,000 for last year’s devastating earthquake in Haiti, well, I’m simply just floored by their incredible gestures of kindness and generosity.  All of the above comes from a restaurant who simply strives to become their customer’s “home away from home”, i.e., our very own “haven”.  I daresay they’re onto something here.

190 South Glassell Street
Old Towne Orange, CA 92866

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