Vons (and Safeway) have a lot of digital offerings this Holiday season that are making it easier for shoppers to plan, shop and save on the go from the smartphone or before shoppers even get to the store.

Just For U™:
· Just For U™ is an easy to use online and mobile savings tool that helps shoppers save 10-20% more through digital coupons and personalized offers.
· It saves time and money by sorting, organizing, and giving shoppers better prices on items they buy and items they may like; making grocery shopping the easiest it can be.
· Shoppers can easily download their personalized deals and coupons right to their Safeway Club Card to help them save more in-store; no sorting through ads or clipping coupons. Shoppers can email their Savings List to a smart phone so they’ll have it when ready to shop.

Beverage Calculator:
· The Safeway desktop and mobile websites have a Beverage Calculator to help calculate the ratio of the number of guests invited to the right amount of alcohol to purchase– can’t be any easier to plan a party. Available on Safeway.com/holiday
Safeway stores carry an average of 900 wines; some stores with wine cellars carry over 2,000 bottles.
· Safeway has wines under $10, $15, $20 and beyond, providing a wide assortment of wines to choose from

Virtual Cupcake Decorator:
· Engages kids by making their own cupcake creations and sharing via Facebook and Twitter—complete with an ingredient list to recreate their works of art at home.
· Safeway has baking basics to fun sprinkles/decorations, gels, glazes, and more
· Safeway is the destination for all baking needs, whether baking from scratch or needing the perfect on- the-go dessert to take to a party.
· The baking aisle at Safeway has 50% more custom decorating items this holiday season.

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