Yogurtland new flavors

New Year’s resolutions will get a boost from Yogurtland’s new flavors that use real ingredients and are packed with healthful nutrients, including the chain’s first Greek yogurt. Yogurtland’s new limited time only flavors — Raspberry Banana Greek Yogurt, Guava Grapefruit Sorbet and Hazelnut Latte No Sugar Added Yogurt  — will be available on Dec. 31.

“With Yogurtland’s new flavors and new Greek frozen yogurt you don’t have to sacrifice taste to find a healthy snack that supports your New Year’s resolutions.  We go to the source to find the best ingredients so that Yogurtland fans can enjoy spoonfuls of yogurt goodness that are also good for you,” said Charlotte Lucich, director of marketing at Yogurtland

Yogurtland’s protein-rich, naturally flavored Raspberry Banana Greek Yogurt features real northwestern raspberries and bananas from Ecuador. This is the first Greek-style yogurt for Yogurtland and has a naturally thicker, smoother and creamier flavor that guests will find to be a great snack or even a delicious meal replacement option.

Yogurtland’s second non-dairy sorbet, the Guava Grapefruit Sorbet combines the sweetness of guava with grapefruit to give this sorbet a refreshing, light and balanced citrus flavor. An 8-ounce serving of this flavor contains a full day’s supply of Vitamin C.

For the no sugar added Hazelnut Latte yogurt, Yogurtland uses real hazelnut butter from Oregon combined with the rich taste of coffee for a satisfying frozen treat.Yogurtland’s search for authentic, real ingredients has been chronicled in video series now available online. Yogurtland’s exploration of flavor sources including visits to Hawaii and New Orleans can be seen here – Yogurtland Video.

Combining authentic flavors with real milk gives Yogurtland yogurt its creamy, smooth taste that’s also good for you. Naturally occurring calcium and Vitamin D make Yogurtland yogurt a healthful, refreshing treat. Fruit flavors are also fortified with Vitamin C. Yogurtland yogurt also has six probiotics and the live and active yogurt cultures your body needs for a healthy balance.

Yogurtland guests can choose from dozens of toppings including fresh fruit to finish off their frozen yogurt treat. Each day, Yogurtland hand cuts about 500 pineapples and more than 6,000 pounds of strawberries. Other fruit options include bananas, blackberries, honeydew melon, kiwi, lychee, peaches and watermelon. Popular toppings range from your favorite childhood breakfast cereals of Cap’n Crunch© and Fruity Pebbles© to grown-up tastes such as granola, carob chips, yogurt chips, and coconut flakes and chocolaty favorites such as Hershey’s Heath Bar© and more.

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